Internship in Clinical and Counselling Psychology 2024

Join the Brain Behavior Research Foundation of India’s (BBRFI) immersive Internship Program for an enriching hands-on experience in counselling and psychology. 

Extremely Beneficial For IGNOU Students of Psychology.

Batch Starts From 22nd  July 2024

Registration closes 20th July at 5PM

Internship Gurugram
Corporate Well-Being Workshop

Corporate Well-being Workshop 2024

We are the only organization that provide corporate well being workshops by medical doctors, clinical psychologists and non violent communication expert.

Boost employee well-being, improve productivity, and build a thriving workplace.

Key benefits:

  • Actionable strategies for stress management, focus, and work-life balance.
  • Expert-led sessions on fostering a culture of well-being.
  • Interactive workshops on mindfulness, healthy habits, and resilience.
  • Networking with like-minded professionals.
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"BBRFI is the ONLY institution committed to promoting psychology as the primary speciality for mental and psychological health. The versatile approach of BBRFI includes dedicated psychology internships, incorporating technology into the field, and raising public awareness through expert-driven corporate workshops, webinars, social media, community outreach initiatives, and research projects."
Dr. Meena Mishra - BBRFI Chairperson

Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI)

Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India, is a National level leading research Organisation registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882.

Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI) is working in the field of mental health with a mission to ensure ‘Mental Health and Well- Being for All’ through various activities.

Since its establishment on 31 st December 2014, BBRFI has touched more than 1 million lives through activities including expert sessions on mental health awareness including deaddiction, motivational sessions, community outreach projects on mental health issues associated with substance- use and internet addiction, diagnostic and therapeutic psychological services like counselling and therapy, age , gender and condition appropriate psychotherapy, internships for psychology students and professionals, continued education workshops, career guidance and research activities.

“BBRFI is the most trusted organisation that is dedicated to offering comprehensive psychological health services and is committed to enhancing India’s Happiness Index. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our mission and initiatives.”

Dr. Meena Mishra

MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology) | Chairperson - BBRFI

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We are trusted by our clients and students for unparalleled expertise, unwavering reliability, and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations. We prioritize their satisfaction, offering a seamless experience backed by a track record of excellence since 2015.

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We have professionally qualified team of Doctors, Clinical Psychologist & Engineers.

Evidence -based

We incorporate evidence-based practice to provide quality services.


We provide services at affordable rates in comparison to the market.


Only organization to use technology for psychological therapy.

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“BBRFI Team is doing a splendid job! Afterall any work is a teamwork. Nobody can do all by himself. You need the help of others, you need the assistance of others and I think more than that everybody is not equal. Sometimes you have to pull people by the hands,
sometimes you have to push them from the back. I hope that need doesn’t arise. People should get motivated that they are not only doing a job, they are not doing a work but they are contributing to the development of the nation. My best wishes to the BBRFI Team!”

Late. Shri Joginder Singh Ji Patron, BBRFI (IPS & Ex. CBI Chief)

I have great pleasure doing an internship with BBRFI under the guidance of our dear Priyanka madam. Special classes with Meena madam, Surbhi madam, and Aparna madam were knowledge enriched. Guidance of Subodh sir on case report preparation is very helpful. I would especially like to thank Priyanka ma'am for being so calm,positive and empathetic, these all qualities are worth following for interns like us while interviewing our clients while therepy sessions. I wish, I could have continued this internship at least for 3 months to enrich my knowledge . Thank you BBRFI for giving opportunity to working professionals like us🙏
Intern with BBRFI, 2024
I'm thankful to BBRFI for helping in giving and guiding me with basic details that what and how to write case studies in future. Very grateful to Priyanka Pandey ma'am, Meena ma'am and Surbhi ma'am for there guidance in internship. Learned lot. Environment is also too positive and the co-interns were also helpful and friendly.
Apurva Mishra
Intern with BBRFI From Varanasi, 2024
It was a wonderful experience, i got practical exposure which helped me to learn a lot. Thank you Priyanka ma'am, Meena ma'am and Surbhi ma'am for your guidance.😊
Prerna Raj
Intern with BBRFI, 2024

Board Members

Dr. Meena Mishra - Chairperson, M.B.B.S, M.D (Rad. Onco.)

Dr. Meena Mishra

M.B.B.S, M.D, Formerly with Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai; Delhi State Cancer Institute, Delhi; Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

dr kc pathak

Dr. K.C. Pathak

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, IIT Mumbai, Former Joint Secretary, UGC (University Grant Commission), India

Dr. GM Gupta - Member Trustee, B.Tech, Mech Engineering Chairman,

Dr. G M Gupta

Member Trustee

B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

Chairman, Global Engineers Limited.

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Mentors and Team with Dr. Meena Mishra | Chairperson - BBRFI
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