Positivity Conclave

‘Recognizes, Celebrates and Reiterates the Positive Personality Traits’

Aim: Positivity Conclave aims to reinforce the importance of emotional health- an important sustainable development goal of United Nations.

For the first time, world leaders are recognizing the promotion of mental health and well-being, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, as health priorities within the global development agenda. The inclusion of mental health and substance abuse in the Sustainable Development Agenda, which was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, is likely to have a positive impact on communities and countries where millions of people will receive much needed help.

The incidence of severe depression is rising in our country that has engulfed even the most learned members of our society. It is incumbent upon us to foster positivity in the society and urge people to inculcate positive approach in life.

It is also equally important to portray that success in career and personal life is achievable not only through hard work and competition but cultivating Positive Personality Traits that will render lifelong success and happiness.

Positivity Conclave focuses to:
* Recognize, Celebrate and reiterate the Positive personality traits in achievers that set them apart from others leading to positive mental health and happiness.
* Raise awareness about the inculcation of positive personality traits
* Reinforce the cause of maintenance of positive Emotional Health in all sections of the society to curtail the incidence of depression and suicide in our country.