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Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI), a national level research trust (not-for-profit organization) working in the field of mental health with a mission to ensure ‘Mental Health and Well- Being for All’ through various activities.

BBRFI is the ONLY institution committed to promoting psychology as the primary speciality for mental and psychological health.  The versatile approach of BBRFI includes dedicated psychology internships, incorporating technology into the field, and raising public awareness through expert-driven corporate workshops, webinars, social media, community outreach initiatives, and research projects.

Since its establishment on 31st December 2014, BBRFI has touched more than 1 million lives through activities including expert sessions on mental health awareness including deaddiction, motivational sessions, community outreach projects on mental health issues associated with substance- use and internet addiction, diagnostic and therapeutic psychological services like counselling and therapy, age , gender and condition appropriate psychotherapy, internships for psychology students and professionals, continued education workshops, career guidance and research activities.

The organisation also provides counselling and therapy for geriatric, LGBTQ, specially- abled kids, social, occupational, academic and interpersonal difficulties, improvement of personality, self-esteem, confidence level among individuals to achieve their goals of life and career and to enhance the performance and capabilities of the current and future responsibilities.

During Covid, we supported the government through provision of helplines for mental health issues, online awareness program series ‘Stay Strong India’ with a view to empower people to effectively deal with any psychological issues that they may be facing yet were forced to stay indoors and not seek help.
BBRFI has initiated The Positivity Conclave’ and ‘The Positivity Award’ – the first and only award that focuses on highlighting the importance of cultivating soft skills in achieving success in life.

Brainoscope/ 4D Brain analysis (for wholesome career guidance) – An innovative, scientific, objective and holistic process of identifying an individual’s innate strengths and capabilities along with acquired abilities to accurately guide him/ her towards suitable career options. It has been in operation since 2016 and helped innumerable students to pursue careers that align with their ‘brain wiring’.

Mission- Promote Psychology as the primary speciality for empowering minds, fostering resilience, and advocating for mental health equity in every community.

Vision- Forging a future where Psychology is the primary speciality to be used  for mental and psychological well-being through innovative research and technology paving the way for accessible, effective, and personalised community-based care.

Objectives- To use multi-pronged approach to strengthen the Psychological Services in the country as follows-

  1. Enhance Psychological Well-being: Provide accessible and affordable diagnostic and therapeutic psychological services to the community.
  2. Training for Psychology Students by offering quality training to students to enhance clinical skills and prepare for successful careers.
  3. Implement Community Outreach programs to raise mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and provide resources.
  4. Corporate Workshops by Medical Professionals and Clinical Psychologists for corporate organizations on mental health awareness, stress management, and resilience.
  5. Research Initiatives to contribute to psychological knowledge and evidence-based practices.
  6. Collaboration with Educational Institutions tuitions for training programs, internships, and mentorship opportunities.
  7. Innovative Therapeutic Approaches using technology in psychology to improve treatment effectiveness.
  8. Provision of Evidence-Based Practices
  9. Measurement of Impact by establishing metrics to measure the impact of services and continuously improve programs.


National Office address: 1, JLN Marg, Next to National Gandhi Museum, Rajghat, Delhi-110002

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