Brainoscope (4D Brain Analysis)

(A scientific method to know your potential and choose the CAREER according to your BRAIN TYPE)

Since the traditional times, several tools of assessment has been used in order to analyze one’s potential such as personality inventories, interest inventories, intelligence tests, questionnaires, peer assessment and so on and so forth.

The term potential in research field is broadly regarded as something usually innate, thus, it is often evaluated in the terms of one dimensional test such as, genetic or biological markers.

However this dimension of assessment is blind to the environmental forces which are equally and in many instances, more capable of having an impact on one’s potential.

For example, although a child is born with the genes of superior intelligence and thus has the potential of being amongst the most elite professionals however, the same potential gets significantly reduced if the environment that the child is provided with is not enriched enough.

Thus, by this one thing is crystal clear – One single approach for analyzing the myriad possibilities of one’s potential is rather a poor and incomplete choice of assessment.

Therefore, reforms in the traditional assessment tools are the need of the hour.

In order to address this need and to aid individuals to actualize their true potential, the Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India has developed a unique 4D Brain Analysis which is deftly designed over 18 years of research to evaluate the unique characteristics of an individual’s personality.

This new assessment model strives to view personality and judge the potential of an individual from a four dimensional perspective – genetic, neurological, biological, and psychological.

4d brain analysis by bbrfi

The first dimension is DNA Mapping. It assesses the genetic intelligence quotient of an individual along with the probability of the individual acquiring a serious mental illness such as depression or schizophrenia. The DNA sample is collected within a minute with the aid of one’s buccal swab. The results are obtained in the form of a continuum ranging from high to low.

The second dimension is Brain Mapping using Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). This adds a neurological depth to the understanding of one’s potential.

The EEG device is used to translate the minute electrical impulses generated in the brain into brain waves which can be interpreted. There are five types of brainwaves – Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Each brain wave has its own optimum level. Any deviation in the optimum level of the brain waves and/ or the irregular energy utilization in the brain, brings about significant changes in one’s personality. This is then rectified in the counseling process. fMRI is done at the second level if anyone wants more clarification.

A  holistic approach of evaluation is the key ingredient to assess and maximize one’s potential. BBRFI’s 4D Brain Analysis (DNA Brain Mapping and Neuro-Psycho-Bio-Behaviour Analysis) provides each and every individual with this exclusive opportunity to know their latent talents and polish them!

Ways in which students can be benefited from the Brainoscope (4D Brain Analysis):

  • To know about the subjects they can excel in and thus accordingly choose as their majors
  • To know their Intelligence
  • To get to know what is their learning style as well as pattern
  • To understand why they perform efficiently in selective fields
  • To find out which area of profession would suit them best
  • To gain the understanding of what is hindering their performance
  • To get an in-depth knowledge about their personality

Ways in which teachers/ guardians/ guide can be benefited from Brainoscope (4D Brain Analysis):

  • To know how to deal with the child
  • To understand and work with the learning pattern of the child
  • To know how to maximize the child’s potential
  • To understand the child’s approach towards problem solving
  • To analyse the child’s current level of functioning
  • To know about the child’s potential in academic and work related settings
  • To understand the need of special attention for the child
  • To adopt innovative methods to enhance classroom/ home environment of the children to help them achieve best of their potential

“Brainoscope (4D Brain Analysis) is very helpful in Skill & Career building and provides a blue print of Mental Health”