At Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India, we are committed to promoting mental Health and well-being through cutting edge and evidence based psychotherapeutic services. Our team of highly qualified and compassionate professionals is here to support you on your journey towards wholistic wellness.

Our Mental Health Professionals:

1. Mrs Priyanka Pandey (Chief Consultant Clinical Psychologist, M.Phil. Clinical Psychology, PhD. Scholar, RCI licensed)

2. Ms Surbhi Gupta (Consultant Clinical Psychologist, M.Phil. Clinical Psychology, RCI licensed)

Our Psychotherapeutic Services:

We offer a range of psychotherapeutic and counselling services to address various mental health concerns. These vary from interventions carefully designed for individuals to those for groups. We provide personalized and evidence-based interventions to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Child and Adolescent counselling and therapeutic management
We offer early intervention and support for mental health development of children and adolescents. Our team of experts ensures a nurturing and empathetic environment for your child to express, heal, and grow through evidence based interventions.
Individual Psychotherapy
At BBRFI, we understand that navigating life’s challenges can be overwhelming, and we are here to provide compassionate and effective individual psychotherapy for adults. Our dedicated team of licensed therapists is committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Through a personalized and evidence-based approach, we work collaboratively with individuals to help them gain insight, develop coping strategies, and achieve their therapeutic goals. Whether you are facing stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, our therapists are here to support you on your journey towards healing and personal growth.
Family therapy
Family dynamics play a crucial role in mental health. Our family therapy services aim to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and foster a supportive environment for everyone involved.
Online consultation
In today’s fast-paced world, we understand the importance of flexibility. Explore our online therapy options, providing convenient access to professional support from the comfort of your own space.